The Foundation believes that cooperation and collaboration among the world's leading medical experts ultimately serves the best interests of the patient.

The Osborne Head and Neck Foundation continues to support the open exchange knowledge between the world's clinicians.

Dr. Osborne: Speaking Engagement In Germany

During the 2007 Otolaryngology Academy meetings in Washington D.C., a representative for the German medical instrument company, Karl Storz, recognized Dr. Osborne’s cutting edge technique for removing salivary gland stones. As a result of this meeting, Dr. Osborne met with Prof. Johannes Zhenk at the 2008 Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Annual Convention.  After […]

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OHNI Voice Division at the British Voice Association in London

Dr. Reena Gupta, laryngologist at OHNI’s Division of Voice, was recently invited to speak in London, England, at the annual meeting of the British Voice Association.  This meeting, Choice for Voice: 2010, was geared towards professionals who care for voice users.  This includes singing teachers, speech language pathologists, and laryngologists (voice doctors).  It stressed the […]

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Pepperdine University: Educating Vocal Performers About Their Voices

  It would be difficult to imagine a tennis player who doesn’t know how to string a racket or a violinist who doesn’t know how to tune their violin.  However, it is far from rare for a vocal performer to have no concept of how the human voice works.  These performers, who rely on this […]

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Osborne Head and Neck Foundation Saves Voice 2010

When Osborne Head and Neck Institute first became involved in VOICE 2010, it had been on the verge of cancellation, with no major sponsor on board. Thousands of anxious voice-over professionals risked losing a very valuable educational resource. Understanding the importance of this event to these artists, the Osborne Head and Neck Institute became premiere […]

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