The Osborne Head & Neck Foundation (OHNF) delivers life-saving and life-changing  surgical care to communities in need around the globe. Through our annual Medical Aid Relief Mission we connect expert volunteer surgeons with those suffering in remote areas of developing nations including Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, India and Belize.

In 2019, we are committed to serving the people of Peru, where 20% of the population lives in poverty with limited access to specialty head and neck surgical care. While the country has made incredible strides to lower poverty, there is still work to be done. For one week, surgeons and support volunteers will travel to the rural city of Cajamarca, Peru with the goal of seeing 1,000 people living in poverty.

Volunteers who commit to this difficult work pay their own expenses to travel to and stay on the Medical Aid Relief Mission - an incredible testament to their dedication. Monies raised by the Foundation help support the physicians in the field with highly specialized equipment, supplies and instrumentation.

With your help, we can improve the local medical facilities we partner with, and never take from a community in need. Everything required to perform a staggering range of procedures is brought to some of the most logically-challenging regions of the world. On average it costs $5,000 per surgeon to provide the necessary supplies to treat a community for the week long journey.

Thank you for your support in this critical work. Your gift will save and change lives.


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