2020 Program Update

Notice to Program Applicants,

In these unprecedented times, the Foundation is making the necessary adjustments to keep our patients, staff, and community safe from exposure to COVID19. Currently, we are suspending the Medical Scholars Program (MSP) until changes in government guidance determines the safety of educational social gathering. Although no one can be sure how long restrictions will last, the Osborne Head & Neck Foundation remains committed to providing the next generation of leaders in medicine, the most immersive educational experience available for high school students, today.

We encourage you to continue submitting applications for the 2020 MSP Summer Program, and we will email you as updates become available.

Thank you for your interest. Stay healthy and safe!
Dave Dell
Executive Director
OHNF - Specialty Care, Everywhere


What is the Medical Scholars Program?
The Osborne Head and Neck Foundation proudly sponsors the Medical Scholars Program. This unparalleled program is an immersive summer internship, where students with a passion for medicine and surgery can experience the real life of a surgeon. MSP places students in the middle of a busy head and neck surgical practice, where they can experience the challenges and excitement of each day with their surgeon mentor.

  • 1:1 student-to-doctor ratio
  • Hands-on laboratory experiences
  • Surgical simulations
  • Observation in operating room of real surgery
  • Direct patient contact
  • Interview and application assistance for medical school
  • Grand Rounds presentation opportunity
  • Medical writing and publication
  • Didactics and praticals
  • Real connection with like-minded peers and leaders, forming a lifetime of mentorship and support
OHNI Doctors

“The Medical Scholars Program at OHNI offers students a unique opportunity to observe surgeons in a busy multispecialty ENT practice. These hands-on experiences will be invaluable for these students in their pursuits as future doctors. Our goal is to reinforce the skills, character, and drive needed to succeed as a surgeon, while providing guidance and clinical education.”

– Dr. Ryan Osborne, Program Director


The MSP Program is geared towards high school students who will be starting their junior or senior year in the Fall of the upcoming academic year. This program requires a significant time commitment and high level of professionalism, and is for those who are committed to pursuing a career in the medical field. The program goals are:

  • Professionalism in the medical environment: MSP trains students to function with all levels of medical care provider. Graduates are adept at conversing in medical terminology, writing at the level of publication, and presenting themselves appropriately.
    • Creating familiarity and increasing comfort level with addressing senior medical personnel
    • Introduction to lessons and skills obtained on clinical rounds
    • Medical skills training: obtaining vitals, wound-closure suture skills, etc
    • Patient shadowing
  • Writing for the medical professional: this includes publication in the OHNI online journal.

View Student Sample

  • Medical school preparation: understanding the pathway to medical program acceptance and determining the personal fit of medicine as a career.
    • Understanding the application process
    • Help with application essays/personal statements
    • Interview preparation
    • Appreciating different pathways to medical school
    • Selecting competitive undergraduate majors/ concentrations
    • Research and volunteer involvement in college
    • Medical writing and publications
    • Cultivating relationships with faculty and staff for letters of recommendations
    • Preparing a CV


Applicants should submit the following completed documents by April 1, 2020.

Program Dates: June 15- July 10, 2020

  • Cover sheet: Applicant’s photo, name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and emergency contact (name and number)
    • The applicant photo should be in professional dress, taken similar to a passport picture (head and shoulders only). If you are submitting a printed application, the photo may be embedded in the cover sheet and printed on plain paper. (See Application PDF for a sample)
  • Two-page application
  • Resume/CV
  • Academic transcript including current GPA.
  • A 1-2 page, single-spaced, one-sided, typed answer to the following question:
    • Why do you want to participate in the Medical Scholars Program? Why are you interested in a career in medicine?
  • Letter of reference from a teacher or mentor
  • Letter from Guidance Counselor confirming student is currently enrolled in school and in good academic standing.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and be available to attend the entire program. If you are unsure of your availability on a weekday afternoon, please contact us.
  • Students are expected to be prompt and provide their own transportation.
  • Previous medical volunteer experience is not a requirement.
  • All students need to be up to date with their vaccines, including a TDaP booster (Adacel) to ensure protection from whooping cough and a PPD test for tuberculosis.
  • All student participants will be required to sign a HIPAA Confidentiality Agreement, Social Media Agreement, and Dress Code Agreement.
  • Please direct all questions and completed applications to:

Dr. Ryan Osborne, Program Director
Osborne Head & Neck Institute
8631 W 3rd Street #945E
Los Angeles, CA 90048


As part of the Medical Scholars Program, you will quickly be placed in a high-intensity environment with head and neck surgeons. While it is not required that you have any knowledge of ENT, your experience will be more productive if you have mastery of basic concepts in ENT.

The book linked below is a useful resource for medical students, and may be too complex at your current level. However, accepted students are encouraged to read as much as possible prior to starting the program.



Name: Waynelle Ize-Iyamu
High School: Viewpoint School
Grade: 12
College Plans: I plan to attend a 4 year university and then Medical School

WHY WAYNELLE APPLIED TO THE OHNI STUDENT MENTORSHIP PROGRAM: I have always been told I was going to be a doctor, but I also love biology, anatomy, and many sciences, so I wanted to do this program to help gain insight on if I actually wanted to be a doctor or was it outside influences? I also applied because I wanted to learn about applying to medical school and be able to talk to professional doctors about all the question I had. The program is very intellectually engaging and I applied because I wanted to know if I could intellectually perform at a such a high intensity for a prolonged amount of time and still enjoy what I'm doing.

PROGRAM REVIEW: The program accomplished all the things I hoped it would do. I was able to definitively answer my question on if I really wanted to be a doctor or was it my parents instilling their beliefs on me. I learned new skills like writing SOAP notes, suturing, and holding long professional conversations with adults. This program helped me gain confidence in my intellectual abilities, my dreams and changed my outlook on life. MSP relies on more than just intellect it also requires and teaches teamwork, communication, confidence, practicality, and empathy.

Name: Natalie Glassman
High School: Culver City High School
Grade: 12
College Plans: 4 Year University

WHY NATALIE APPLIED TO THE OHNI STUDENT MENTORSHIP PROGRAM: I applied to the Medical Scholars Program because I wanted an authentic view of the medical field and the opportunity to get an early start on my education. I was also looking for a program that would offer me hands-on experience, and MSP seemed like the perfect place to get that.

PROGRAM REVIEW: I wasn't really sure what to expect going into this program, but it far exceeded any expectations that I did have. From the very first day, we were immersed in the medical world and we got to participate in activities that high school students likely wouldn't have the opportunity to do anywhere else. The doctors were always interested in teaching us and making sure we understood what was going on, whether that be in clinic or in surgery. Getting to see how the doctors interact with patients, and getting to interact with patients ourselves, was invaluable and taught me lessons that I'll carry with me in the future. Besides all of the medical knowledge I gained, I also formed amazing relationships. As students, we bonded so quickly with both one another and with the OHNI team, and if I had the choice I would repeat the program in a heartbeat.

Name: Malaika Jamal
High School: Granada Hills Charter High School
Grade: 12
College Plans: Attend a 4-Year University; Major: Biology, Minor: Neuroscience; Pre-Med

WHY MALAIKA APPLIED TO THE OHNI STUDENT MENTORSHIP PROGRAM: I applied to this amazing program because I believed that this invaluable and rewarding opportunity would give me the professional opportunity to kick-start my career and achieve academic success. I hoped that participation in this program would permit me to make the best progress toward my ambition, satisfy the demands of my interest in medicine, and make a positive impact in my life. I wanted to meet people who could inspire me, challenge me, and teach me about all aspects of medicine so that I one day could enter this profession.

PROGRAM REVIEW: This program has been one of the most insightful and rewarding programs that I have ever been to. I am truly grateful to have been able to gain this experience. OHNI exceeded my expectations in every possible way. I was able to gain an accurate representation of what it is like to be in the medical field and I concluded the program feeling much more confident about my decision to pursue a career in medicine. I was able to see surgery for the first time and I was exposed to concepts that I did not really give much thought to such as medical ethics, importance of trust, and looking at things from a different point of view.
I honestly loved how the program challenged me. Regardless of where my knowledge was at, each question was met with an answer and each doctor was able to thoroughly explain and further my insight.
I was able to grow as a person because all of the doctors really become your role models and are there to make sure that you have the best experience. From amazing people to amazing life lessons, I could not have spent my summer at a more amazing internship.
OHNI is definitely the place to be because I know that I would never want to leave!

Name: Sarp Kurtoglu
High School: Beverly Hills High School
Grade: 11
College Plans: 4 year university

WHY SARP APPLIED TO THE OHNI STUDENT MENTORSHIP PROGRAM: I knew that I wanted to do medicine as a career because of my strength and interest in biological sciences. However, I did not know what I was going into. I wanted a real experience that could show me all of the aspects of medicine and patient care.

PROGRAM REVIEW: It was a very unique experience. The doctors, the staff, their vision, and the clinic are very unique. This program helped me understand that I want to go into medicine. They showed us all the aspects of medicine, from ethics to suturing to patient communication to the doctors' responsibility. I really appreciated that all of the staff and doctors gave us this opportunity.



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